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Transcor has been in business since 1976 and has become THE specialized leader in abnormal load transport in Sub-Saharan Africa. We offer a competitive, cost-effective and comprehensive range of abnormal load services to meet your every load requirement.

Our client-base is varied and includes the mining sector, engineering sector, agents (such as Barlow´s and Hitachi),
and clearing, forwarding and shipping agents.

Competitive & Cost-effective

We do our utmost to provide competitive and cost-effective pricing on all abnormal loads. We do not cut corners - we make sure that the quoted vehicles and equipment are the most appropriate ones required to do the load in the safest and correct manner possible.

Flexible Fleet combinations

Our fleet of flexible truck, trailer and multi-axle combinations, range from 1 ton up to 220 tons enable us to choose the most efficient and practical method for the safe transporting of your loads. Our flexible combinations accommodate most lengths, widths and heights.

Self-loading capacity of up to 220 tons

For instance, the running of self-loading multi-axle combinations, which have loading capacity of up to 220 tons, adds greater flexibility to our clients that regularly move extremely heavy earth-moving machinery, but require stripping them to meet current requirements. View our Gallery of photos to see examples of our completed transport contracts.

New fleet between 1-8 tons

Transcor has introduced a new fleet of between 1 and 8 ton trucks to limit the use of sub-contractors ensuring that control and meticulous services is rendered to our clients.

Available at short notice

Transcor´s large diverse fleet of over 100 combinations, which are continually circulating throughout most areas of the country, enables us to offer our clients the availability to quickly move their loads from and to any destination at short notice.

Meticulous computerized daily planning

Meticulous computerized daily planning and monitoring of every transport load ensures that you receive the most reliable, safe service with fast on site delivery. Contingency plans are always in place for all loads - to provide for unforeseen circumstances or mishaps, should they occur.

Dedicated specialists ensure compliance

Dedicated specialists within our Operations Department make sure that all abnormal loads adhere to and comply strictly with all regulatory laws and restrictions throughout the entire route of the load. This includes the arranging of municipal / permit requirements and the securing of other appropriate permissions.

Own escort fleet & service vehicles

Transcor operates its own escort fleet of over 75 escort vans as well as service vehicles to compliment the fleet. These vehicles are automatically scheduled to accompany the load, if required. Our escort vehicles are also available for hire.

Qualified Load Supervisors

Qualified Load supervisors are present, from the start to the finish of a project, when a specialized load requires their presence.

Communications & satellite tracking

All truck-tractor rigs are equipped with cell phones, two-way radios, and satellite tracking to enable effective control and monitoring of all loads - which means that you can be kept informed of the progress along any route.

Highest standards of fleet maintenance in-house

Transcor operates an efficient in-house fleet maintenance programme to the highest standards. The Fleet Maintenance Department is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which means that they can be mobilized immediately and breakdowns can be fixed en route and resolved within 24 hours. Transcor´s fleet is regularly replaced with top-of-the-line new vehicles and equipment, guaranteeing the ongoing reliability of the company´s vehicles.

Stable workforce & qaulified drivers

We have a stable workforce of drivers and escort drivers. All our drivers - without exception - are qualified in accordance with the National Road Traffic Act. They have EC licences as well as PDP licenses which are renewed every 2 years. In addition to that we continually monitor and evaluate each driver to ensure that the level of customer service, training and competency meets our own stringent Transcor requirements.

Renewable Engergy

Transcor is firmly rooted in the renewable energy sector, offering tailored transport solutions to suit our clients’ needs. By drawing on our considerable experience in the power sector, we are able to offer tailored solutions to meet the changing needs of the industry. With the increasing weight, size and length of wind turbines and their component parts, innovative transport solutions are needed.

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renewable-energy_0001_Layer 21
renewable-energy_0002_Layer 20
renewable-energy_0003_Layer 19
renewable-energy_0004_Layer 18
renewable-energy_0005_Layer 16
renewable-energy_0006_Layer 15
renewable-energy_0007_Layer 13
renewable-energy_0008_Layer 12
renewable-energy_0009_Layer 11
renewable-energy_0010_Layer 10
renewable-energy_0011_Layer 9
renewable-energy_0011_Layer 9
renewable-energy_0013_Layer 7
renewable-energy_0014_Layer 6
renewable-energy_0015_Layer 5
renewable-energy_0016_Layer 4
renewable-energy_0017_Layer 3
renewable-energy_0000_Layer 14

Posted by Transcor on Monday, August 24, 2015

Posted by Transcor on Monday, August 24, 2015

Posted by Jacqui Nel on Monday, February 9, 2015

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