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October 12, 2015
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October 12, 2015

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Welcome to Transcor

Transcor has been operating in the transportation industry for over 30 years and has established a fine reputation for moving abnormal transport loads with maximum efficiency for all of our clients.

Whilst Transcor specializes in abnormal lowbeds and we move a major portion of all the earthmoving equipment which is transported around Sub-Saharan Africa, we also have a large, flexible fleet of trucks, trailers and axles.

We have the hands-on experience required to meet your most stringent transport requirements for any type of load.

Our professional and comprehensive range of transport services ensures that your loads will be delivered safely and reliably on site.

"Transcor must supply a fast, efficient, reliable, safe and cost-effective service."
Peter Barnes - CEO

Get the benefits

  • Specialized leaders in abnormal load transport

  • Comprehensive range of abnormal load services

  • Fleet of flexible combinations ranging from 1 ton up to 220 tons

  • Competitive and cost-effective pricing

  • Strict adherence and compliance with all regulatory restrictions

  • Escort vehicles and permit requirements arranged

  • Meticulous computerized daily planning and monitoring

  • Ongoing fleet maintenance to the highest standards

  • Qualified licensed drivers and experienced staff