About Transcor

Transcor (Pty) Limited transport operations are managed and co-ordinated from the company premises in Midrand in Gauteng, South Africa.
There is also an operations branch in Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

Johannesburg (Head Office)

Transcor´s Head Office is situated in Midrand near Johannesburg. This is the main hub of our transport operations and we have a complement of over 40 managerial and operational staff members, each one an experienced specialist in his field. The company employs a reliable and stable workforce of more than 220 drivers, escort drivers, workshop and yard assistants.

The departments within Transcor include:

  •     Operations Department
  •     Fleet Maintenance & Workshop
  •     Financial Department
  •     Personnel Department
  •     Sales & Marketing Department


Durban Branch

Our branch in Durban was opened to improve service to all our clients that import or export cargo through the port of Durban.

This branch provides an operational base to ensure the efficient loading and moving of transport loads to and from the Kwazulu Natal region.

Our Durban staff makes sure that all trucks are loaded and move on time and that all the necessary paper work, permits and other regulatory import/export requirements accompany each load so that there are no delays.

There is a fleet service depot in Durban to make sure that our vehicles are kept running at maximum efficiency.

What is RTMS

RTMS is an industry-led, voluntary self-regulation scheme that encourages consignees, consignors and transport operators engaged in the road logistics value chain to implement a vehicle management system that preserves road infrastructure, improves road safety and increases the productivity of the logistics value chain. This scheme also supports the Department of Transport’s National Freight Logistics Strategy.

All stakeholders in the road logistics value chain are aware of the problems concerning road logistics that affect their industries. The road infrastructure is deteriorating rapidly due to overloading and poor maintenance. Furthermore, the large number of accidents attributed to heavy trucks is unacceptable. Both road safety and road infrastructure are public concerns subject to strict regulation by governments, particularly when abused. Over-regulation, road deterioration and high accident rates pose a significant threat to the long term sustainability and global competitiveness of the road logistics value chain.

This has prompted users of road haulage (consignors and consignees) and providers of road haulage (hauliers) to jointly develop strategies aimed at protecting the road network, improving road safety and transport productivity for the benefit of the country’s citizens and the industry itself.

The industry also recognises that poor compliance to transport regulations creates an unfair competitive environment. It is therefore felt that a self-regulation scheme is required to create standard rules for the industry, and that these rules should become the “business norm” – supporting principles of good corporate governance. It is for this reason that industry is leading this initiative, to ensure its quick adoption by all businesses participating in the road logistics value chain.

Furthermore, industry recognises its critical role in the economy’s growth. Efficient movement of goods between a country’s centres of production and its shipping ports boosts competitiveness in international markets. RTMS is one of the innovative and pro-active initiatives that will make this possible.

Benefits Of Accreditation

  • Transport operators who invest in becoming RTMS accredited are recognised for their commitment to responsible business through a series of concessions.
  • The most notable is the opportunity to investigate the implementation of Performance Based Standards (PBS). This in short means that a vehicle can be designed outside the current legal limits, whilst still complying with certain safety and other requirements and can, therefore, carry heavier payloads. The Minister of Transport has given permission for the development of two such vehicles in the forestry industry which will be used on a trial basis. These pilots will run for three years and will be closely monitored in terms of safety and a host of other characteristics, such as productivity, cost, fuel economy, etc. Both Sappi and Mondi have invested in the development of two PBS vehicles, one being operated by Timber 24 and the other by Super Group Transport. The initial results are very favourable. A second concession (Weighless) has been successfully negotiated in KwaZulu-Natal, resulting in certified hauliers not being stopped when weighbridges are full.
We are proud to have received our RTMS Certificate of Registration.
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Staff and Workforce

Our committed and competent staff makes all the difference! We strongly believe that it is our people who make Transcor the success it is today.

They are the primary reason that Transcor has been able to establish and maintain excellent long-term relationships with all of our clients.

Our departments are staffed with vastly experienced and well-trained people - most of whom have years of practical hands-on involvement in one or more of the many varied fields within the transportation industry - some for their entire working lives (20+ years!).

Driver Workforce

We are justifiably proud of our loyal and stable workforce of drivers and escort drivers.

  • All our drivers - without exception - are qualified in accordance with the National Road Traffic Act. They have EC licences as well as PDP licenses which are renewed every 2 years.
  • Over and above those qualifications, we continually monitor and evaluate each driver to ensure that their level of service, training and competency meets our own stringent Transcor requirements.
  • We have a "Driver of the Month" motivational program in place. Each month controllers will nominate up to 4 drivers who are the most deserving of the title of "Driver of the Month". This nomination is based on the overall performance of the driver and includes aspects such as turnover, reliability, fuel consumption, truck appearance and overall effort in "going the extra mile".
  • One driver is selected and honoured with the title of "Driver of the Month". There is fierce competition and pride amongst all our drivers for this title!
  • Transcor is always finding new incentives for our drivers to improve productivity and staff moral.


"The combined experience of committed and competent staff guarantees that our clients receive a "full" service."

Sponsorships and Social Responsibility

Transcor has established a long record over the years of donating funds primarily to many needy child welfare charity organisations.

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